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Born and raised in Bahia, Brazil, at the age of 18, Fabi moved to the United States.   She is a very affectionate and a loving person. Fabi seeks a life of achievements. Practitioner of Holistic Aesthetics, Fabi takes as a philosophy the belief in the power of gratitude. Fabi believes that being in genuine contact with nature has a positive impact in people’s lives. Fabi’s mission is to help people to feel great about themselves.

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As a skincare specialist (Facials, Acne control, Scars, Skin Rejuvenation), she will create a

exclusive protocol to meet your needs.

In terms of bodywork (three times certified), Lymphatic drainage is one of her favorite treatments to offer. As the lymphatic drainage is a very relaxing technique, it releases water retention, boosts the immune system, improves blood circulation.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is considered the main key for post-op and post-partum recovery, and it's the most natural way to detox and relax the body


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