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Relax, Renew, Revitalize

Focused on the concept of well-being and self-care, we have prepared an environment where you will have a full sensory experience of relaxation and tranquility. Disconnect from the routine of the day and allow yourself a unique and special moment. An exclusive and complete environment for you, offering body and facial treatments.

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Facial Treatments

From $90


About Fabi

Aesthetics Specialist

In 2015, Faby became a certified aesthetician and Skincare specialist. Since then, she has been a dedicated practitioner. Faby is holistically driven on the concept between beauty and Balance. Utilizing Reiki to integrate a mind, body, and soul connection to her services.  She continues to seek out new and innovative techniques, to provide her clientele with the most quality services, such as Facials and Body treatments. Faby also specializes in ( MLD) Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Considered a preventative treatment to promote wellness. MLD is a special Massage technique that can benefit anyone looking to  stimulate lymphatic flow to Reduce water retention, naturally Detox the body, and Boost immune system

Three times certified her specialties includes Classic lymphatic for non-surgical clients. Post-Op and Post-partum recovery

Faby takes care of me like no one else! Happiness is not enough, I can't wait to return to the SPA.


Faby is an excellent professional. She knows exactly what she does!


Faby's work is beautiful, she was really born to do that.



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